Friday, 11 November 2011

Shagging a Sligo Escort

Last week  I lost my job and to top it, my fucking, snobby, bitch of a  girlfriend  dumped me. I spent  ages feeling sorry for myself, so I watched  an old porn  Dvd as it was the only thing I could thing of t would brighten my spirits. After watching it, I felt awfully horny so I decided to call upon the services of a Prostitute. I had been with many Sligo Escorts in the past and knew the score pretty well. I opened my laptop  and quickly logged onto and scanned through all the pictures of all of their beautiful and busty Sligo Escorts. The escorts were all unbelievably sexy and it was hard to choose just one. I finally came upon a picture of an Irish Escort named Carmel. She had red wavy hair, a nice tattoo on her ass and beautiful piercing brown eyes. She was wearing absolutely nothing in the photograph and I couldn't help but stare at her curves for a moment before making a reservation.

I made the reservation for later that night and was delighted to learn that Carmel was free. I had been very depressed but all of a sudden I felt very excited that an Irish Escort was coming to my home to cheer me up. I decided I had better take a shower since this beautiful Sligo Escort  was coming to see me. Since losing my job I hadn't been worried about my hygiene, but this was a good time to start worrying again. I jumped in the shower and for the first time in a while I felt alive. I pictured my Irish Escort  in my mind and I couldn't help but become aroused. I reached down and touched my hard penis and stroked it gently at first, and then with increased the momentum. I continued to picture this sexy Sligo Escort in my mind and all the things I was about to do to her.  I had to grab onto the shower wall to brace myself as I continued to stroke my erect shaft. All at once the pleasure mounted and as I came I let out a moan and then stood still for a moment, allowing the pleasure and sensitivity to lessen just a bit. I felt refreshed, excited, and ready to go out into the world again. I finished showering and got dressed and tidied my flat in anticipation of my Irish Escorts arrival.

About twenty minutes later my Sligo Escort arrived. I opened the door and was shocked she looked even more beautiful in person than she had in her picture. Of all of the Sligo Escort I had met in the past she was easily the most beautiful and exotic. I smiled and said, “You must be Carmel?” She nodded and entered my flat . As soon as I closed the door I couldn't help but kiss her. I pushed her up against the door and began to kiss her neck gently, which caused her to moan which only made me more excited. I then moved up to her mouth and I kissed my Sligo Escort deeply and she returned the sentiment by doing the same. She was wearing a skirt and I lifted her leg and reached my hand up under her skirt. I slowly pulled her pants down and I reached between her legs and felt satisfied when I felt the moisture mounting. I then unzipped my jeans and worked my way out of them. I pushed my Irish Escort up against the door and entered her. It took some force, because as moist as she had become, she was awfully tight. The tightness heightened my arousal. I thrust in and out of my Sligo Escort gently at first and then began to thrust harder and harder. Each time I would push into my Sligo Escort she would moan and her hands would tighten around my shoulders and then move up to my head.

My legs were growing tired so I gently guided my Irish Escorts body down to the cool tile floors in the hall way. She gasped when her bottom hit the floor, but I wasted no time, entering her again. The floor provided me more leverage, so I thrust hard and fast.  Carmel was almost screaming with pleasure and unable to hold back any longer I let go and came inside of her, enjoying an intense orgasm, screaming out in unison with my Sligo Escort I lay down upon my Irish Escort as we both struggled to catch our breaths. We said nothing, but the rise and fall of her chest underneath mine was very sexy. After a moment I rolled off my Sligo Escort, she stood up, picked up her pants from the floor and straightened her skirt. I felt a bit awkward because we had shared just a couple of words before I had penetrated her. I wasn't sure where to go from here, so I simply kissed her on the cheek, led her to the kitchen, and we both enjoyed a glass of wine. My Irish Escort stayed for just an hour or so more and that was it. I was officially free of depression and ready to go out and get a new job!!

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